Sports are an important part of our lives. It is healthy, gives you energy and strength and ensures that you go through everyday life with a confident and fresh courage.

Do you sport alone, in a team or do you sport in a club or with your company? DUTCHFAME specializes in designing your complete sports outfit. Your personalized, colourful, comfortable dri-fit sportswear with a fashionable retro look including sublimation. A unique printing technique in which the design is pressed into the polyester fabric under high pressure at 200°C. No restrictions in terms of design, color and branding. Numbers, initials, whole names per item, it's all possible and in any desired color and/or font.
With no minimum order quantity, it's great shopping for yourself, your team or your club. For clubs with larger numbers and perhaps specific wishes, different prices and conditions apply.

For information, quotation or questions, please send an email to .

Team wear examples: