Privacy Policy


Use of your data

As soon as you order something from Justpadel, we receive personal data such as your name, address and telephone number. We collect this personal data to process your order. The moment the order is completed, there is a contractual agreement. We do our utmost to implement this agreement as expected. We use this data for this. Consider, for example, the delivery of the order to the correct address. Or, for example, information provision via email or telephone about your order. We also use this information for returns, refunds and customer service support.

In addition, we use data to provide the best possible service. Think of the account that you can create via justpadel. As a result, you no longer have to enter your details for the second order. Because this information is known, we can also make you relevant offers by email.

Access to your data

The Justpadel employees who process orders have access to your data. We do everything we can to keep this information safe. For example, we have a secure website and all passwords are encrypted. It is also necessary for shipment that we share data with third parties. Think of an order that we have delivered via DHL. The delivery person needs your address for this. We also work with a marketing agency that only uses necessary data for marketing purposes. To guarantee privacy, we have signed cooperation agreements for this.

Cookies and IP address

We use cookies to be able to offer a good shopping experience. Think of a product recommendation or a discount code that you can receive via email. Using your IP address, we recognize you the moment you return to our website a second time. With this we give you the service you can expect from us.

Order history

Justpadel remembers which orders you have placed. We also do this to be able to provide a good service in certain situations. For example: you have ordered a product and it is not quite what you expected. If you then want to exchange it, it is nice for our customer service that they can see exactly what you have ordered. We also use the order history to make the webshop as relevant as possible for customers. This also includes relevant offers via newsletters, socials and e-mail.

Deletion of data

You are the owner of your personal data. Do you want these to be removed? Then you can submit a request to Together we determine that you are the real owner of the data. If you still want to remove them afterwards, we will do that for you. Justpadel also looks annually at which data can be kept and which we delete.

Privacy rights

As a consumer you have rights that you can exercise on your data:

- Right of access
- Right to correction
- Right to information
- Right to be forgotten
- Right to object

If you want to make use of one of the above rights, you can contact us at We are happy to help you.