Siux padel brand for padel rackets, padel bags, padel balls

Justpadel has a collaboration with the Siux brand. Siux supplies high-quality padel rackets
with the latest materials. It is certain that these materials are popular in the padel world.
Up to and including the end of 2020, more than 57,000 padel rackets have already been sold worldwide. A total of 70 professionals play with Siux rackets. In short, a reliable Spanish brand of high quality. Justpadel offers the possibility to test these rackets. Ask via the website or our trainers about the possibilities.

Sports Events

Sports events partner just padel

TS Sport Events and have joined forces to improve the overall padel level at the associations. Sport Events employs approximately 150 trainers each training season who provide both padel and tennis lessons. With their years of experience and complete package, they unburden associations in the organizational field. Sport Events also relieves the trainers. As a trainer you do not always have a fully planned schedule, because of the cooperation with Sport Events you can be used as a trainer at several clubs. This allows you to determine how much you work. In short, do you want to be unburdened as an association or as a trainer? Then we strongly advise you to contact Sport Event via:


Padel brand Adidas

Adidas is constantly developing new padel rackets to deliver the latest technologies and innovations to the player. They focus on every level of play to offer a suitable racket. And with every level of play we are also talking about the current number 1 in the world, Ale Galán (01-2021). Justpadel is an official point of sale for all Adidas padel gear.


Padel racket brand Dunlop

Dunlop is a premium brand that produces padel rackets. For example, with the new Aero-Star line they have placed the most innovative developments in their rackets. Dunlop is shaping the future of Padel. We believe in the fact that everyone should live their own passion. Dunlop offers the right tools for this. There are several top players and coaches who play with Dunlop, including Juani Mieres and Ramiro Moyano.


K Swiss padel shoes brand

K-Swiss is the American tennis brand that specializes in shoes. Since the emergence of padel, K-Swiss has been involved in producing and supplying padel shoes. In short, for good quality shoes we recommend K-Swiss.


Indicia digital partner Justpadel

The collaboration with Indicia has helped Justpadel a lot further. Indicia is our digital partner that helps with all our issues. By joining forces, we want to put Justpadel on the map as well as possible.