Black Crown

Black Crown

The Spanish brand Black Crown develops padel rackets for a large group of players. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, offensive or defensive, Black Crown offers a padel racket for every player.

Padel rackets Black Crown

The Black Crown Mortar, Piton, Revolution and Spider are a small selection from the range of rackets that you can find on the webshop. Each racket has its own characteristics, playing characteristics and price range. The Black Crown Spider is a racket especially suitable for attacking players with an intermediate or advanced level.
The diamond shape and the high balance point provide more power, which makes smashing easier, for example.
The Black Crown Mortar has been specially developed for players who like to have optimal control over the ball without losing power.
The round shape of the blade provides control and the medium balance point for a combination of power and control.
The Black Crown Piton is suitable for the advanced padel player who uses precision and placement of the ball. Ideal for players who control defense and attack.
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