J'Hayber is a Spanish company that has been closely involved with the sport of padel since 2014. In terms of padel rackets, it offers rackets for players of different levels and different playing styles. So everyone can find a racket that suits their playing style.

J'Hayber Attack Model

This model is made for the experienced player who likes to play offensively, as the name of the model indicates. J'Hayber offers high quality for this, where both the surfaces and the frame are made of carbon fiber and the core of EVA Soft Rubber. Due to the teardrop shape of the racket, the balance is in the middle and ensures a great performance in offensive strokes, such as volleys.

J'Hayber Dominator Model

In addition to the offensive racket, J'Hayber also offers a racket for players who like to play with a lot of control. The round shape and the EVA Rubber ensures that you can maintain a lot of control in your shots and that you can place the balls well. In addition, it also provides power in your strokes, making the racket suitable for different game situations.